Friday, March 10, 2017

Bray Road Beast: Hominoid Sightings

Sasquatch Werewolf

The Beast of Bray Road is a folkloric variation on the traditional European Werewolf and contemporary North American canine-type creature often dubbed as Dogman. The sightings of the creatures are primarily in southeastern Wisconsin as well as Michigan but also occur in other parts of North America.

When it comes to Bigfooteers, they often stray from the phenomenon, for fear that it weakens the quote "Cryptozoological" field. Are they wise to do so? According to this video, some of the Bigfoot sightings of southeastern Wisconsin are getting lumped in with the Dogman sightings. The same could be said about Dogman sightings often getting lumped in with Bigfoot sightings. Are there really 2 different types of Cryptids roaming our forests? Or is one just being mis-identified as the other?

Beast of Bray Road


  1. Great blog! I have come to believe that dogman is real, although I have never had an encounter and God help me I hope I never do!

  2. My thoughts exactly, MaryAnn!
    Yikes! 😵

    And may God help those who DO encounter these beings!

    May He SAVE, protect, Shelter, guide, comfort, heal (of the trauma, & terror, stress, & anxiety! And of course any physical damage they may--HOPEFULLY NOT!- receive!) & bring His peace to all those who come into contact with these creatures. 💗

  3. Southeastern Oklahoma is a hot spot along with eastern texas. There is also a spot along I 40 on the Arizona, New Mexico border in the lava fields. I am a retired truck driver and after close to 50 years running the roads in this country there are places I will not stop after after sundown. It not that I have seen something it is the standing up of your hair on the back of your neck. Its the shadows you do not clearly see and the feeling of something watching you. Never go looking for something, if you do not want it to find you. Man is not at the top of the food chain but somewhere in the middle.