Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dogman Encounters Podcast - Episode 2

Dogman Encounters Podcast Episode 2

Derek is an avid outdoorsman who stands 6 foot 4 and is trained in multiple forms of combat.  What is in the woods that's not a bear or wolf, that could make someone like Derek turn and run for his life?  In a thick Wisconsin forest, Derek and his cousin encountered something straight out of a nightmare!  What they saw that day was something neither of them would have ever believed existed. That is, until they saw it and noticed that it seemed to be stalking them!  Before they knew it, they were running for their lives! What happened that day changed the way they'll look at the woods forever! Could they have encountered the infamous Beast of Bray Road?! Tune in and hear their story.

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America

The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)


  1. i live in crowley.louisiana. south louisiana is called the sportsmans paradise.but after 20 years in the swampy bayou----i wasnt prepared for what i witnessed that NOV. 15-2003 AFTERNOON. My dog HUNTERBONE-A 5 YR.OLD German shepard had noticed something in the shrubb line along some old railroad tracks.He did his usual tiger crawl to creep towards his prey......when all the sudden three dog/wolf creatures came out of the bush -STANDING ON TWO LEGS-THREE 7 FT. TALL DOG-CRITTERS!!!I Had my 12 guage remington-but HUNTERBONE CAME BACK TO ME and all we did was stare at the dogmen or werewolves for about 30 seconds.However,i assumed they knew i was pointing my shotgun at them with 6 rounds of double-ott-bockshot ready to fire on them because they slowly went down the side of the railroad tracks and suddenly bolted snarling back into the brush. I LET 2 ROUNDS OF BUCK-ROUNDS LOOSE TOWARDS Thier position and then turned as hunterbone and i trapsed off in a hurry towards the pickup half a mile away.Hunter would stop every so often to look back for them.....but no wolf dudes following. we did both of us hear howling......and so we ran haul-ass to the truck and sped home. so-you never know what you will see in the louisiana bayou.......a first for me a 45 year old able minded backwood hunter...i did almost pee in my pants looking into thier yellow and red beadyass mutt/dog/wolf eyes. why i didnt waste them with buckshot??? well-i guess i was a bit gracious to let them live! maybe next encounter.....we can be wood scout buddies.

  2. ***RETIED ARMY- LT.DAVID C. MCGILLICUTTY--ALONE IN THE ARANSAS WILDERNESS.....THI crunchy noise of foliage-leaves and branches always with me now for two hours.--i stop --it stops--i walk--it follows .about a good rocks throw at all times.-when i reached the jacobs cabin and was finally inside ---i was checking the old bed for comfort to rest.......i heard a deep growling from outside by the cabin door!! WHAT IN BLAZES IS THAT?? MY 9MM Pistol in one hand while i krept to the door----hhhooowwww------hhoooowwwwww---a few howls began and i wanted swing open the door---but i soon realized other howls besides the dog-monkey by the door.several had gathered outside howling and growling ----i could barley see them through the 5 inch green glss pane. i best use my .223 cal -16 round rifle---so-here i am cocked and ready and yell out-----"o.k. wolf hound bitches!!! IM HOME!!! WITH THAT SAID.......I UNLOCKED THE LATCH AND PULLED OPEN THE DOOR-----"SURPRISE!! THE FIVE OR SIX WEREWOFFERS ALL FROZE AND LOOKED ME OVER---I OPENED FIRE IN SINGULAR FIRE-THEY SHRIEKED RUNNING AS I PICKED THIER FANNIES WITH WISDOM!!! FUNNY THING IS ......THEY WERE STANDING ERECT AND WERE AT LEAST 7 FT.TALL!!! THEY MAY HAVE SHIT ON THEMSELVES RUNNING WITH HIGH GRADE BULLETS PEGGING THIER TALLY-WACKERS........BUT I WAS MORTIFIED AND TER RIFIED AND VERY SCARRED!!!! I LATER CALLED MY FRIEND SCOTT PRATHER ON MY CELL PHONE--TO COME PICK ME UP ASAP ON STATE HWY RD I-46 AND I WILL BE THERE IN THREE HOURS-----I WAS SCARRED SHITLESS TO HIKE ALONE TO THE ROAD---BUT MANAGED BECAUSE OF ADRENILINE AND COURAGE!!! SO NOW AS THIS IS UNREAL AND BEHIND ME-I REALIZE I AGED TWENTY YEARS FROM THE TRAUMA----SCOTT CALLED ME A LIAR AND LAUGHED---I TOLD HIM TO TRY THE CABIN FOR A WEEKEND AND SEE for himself.....

  3. we of the 488 battallion -death squad in the dense jungles of vietnam....encountered alien dogmen more than once. the old temple caves we had found tunneled forever and we encountered hairy dogmen which we lost several chief captains and snipers who were mauled and eaten by the savages! ( 6 to be exact)-- major tyler and us 25 soldiers retaliated by blowing the caves with high explosives and disapearing further away in the jungle...i was saying -" i feel sorry for the nva ....because we know these cave dwelling dogmen probably ate them as well----because of the old radio equipment the vietcong left behind -we did notice pieces of vc uniforms shreded in some caves and some bones- but what surprized us was the amount of ammo-gernades-rifles-equipment un-used stored in these caves but no vc infantry----where they went??? probably to lunch with the dogmen...... sgt.justus trotter-us army.