Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dogman Encounters Podcast - Episode 2

Dogman Encounters Podcast Episode 2

Derek is an avid outdoorsman who stands 6 foot 4 and is trained in multiple forms of combat.  What is in the woods that's not a bear or wolf, that could make someone like Derek turn and run for his life?  In a thick Wisconsin forest, Derek and his cousin encountered something straight out of a nightmare!  What they saw that day was something neither of them would have ever believed existed. That is, until they saw it and noticed that it seemed to be stalking them!  Before they knew it, they were running for their lives! What happened that day changed the way they'll look at the woods forever! Could they have encountered the infamous Beast of Bray Road?! Tune in and hear their story.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dogman Encounters Podcast - Episode 1

Dogman ENcounters Episode 1

Episode Information: Late one night in October of 2013, Bigfoot Investigators Kris Huckins and Michael Smith were in their favorite Bigfoot research area.  With a full moon overhead; something happened that shook them to the core!  The terrifying encounter they had that night is something neither of them will ever forget! Tune in to hear them reveal what happened on this first episode of: Dogman Encounters..

I will be posting more of these podcasts in the upcoming week.