Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dogman Encounters Podcast - Episode 4

Dogman Podcast

This is episode 4 of the Dogman Encounters Podcast.

Here is a summary of this episode:

Pam and her husband decided to go on a family camping trip in 1972. They took along their two infants as well as Pam's brother and headed out in their 1968 Volkswagen van. Their destination was a new, but very secluded campsite in Arkansas, in a recreational area called "Beaver Lake."

It was the middle of the night and everyone except Pam's brother was sound asleep in the van. Her brother was sleeping in a pup tent, just outside. Suddenly, a huge impact struck the van right next to where Pam's head was resting, on the back seat. What they saw when they looked out the windows was far worse than any of them could have ever imagined!

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America

The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)

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