Tuesday, April 1, 2014

West Newton Pennsylvania Sighting

West Newton Pennsylvania Dogman Sighting

This report was sent to me by a person from West Newton who wants to remain anonymous.

A group of friends were planning to have a camp-out in June of 2013 by the Youghhiogheny river and this is what happened on their way there. They ended up not going camping after this event.

"Me and my friends were walking on the top of an old dam in the woods just outside of West Newton PA in Westmoreland county when we heard strange growling noises coming from the base of the dam. We looked down to see what we had originally thought to be a man with black clothes on, but , upon closer inspection with a pair of binoculars, was infact a wolf like creature walking upright going to get a drink from a pool of water. We quickly ran away and had to take a longer, alternate route back into town."

This area does have a history of Bigfoot sightings but this is the first I've heard of a Dogman encounter in this area.

1996, 3 miles south of West Newton: A man was walking his dog when he first noticed an odor and then he observed a 7 to 8 foot tall creature standing in front of him on the trail. It had dark brown hair with short hair on its forehead. The creatures face had large round brown eyes, and a long nose that was not very wide. It's lips were not thick but very thin and the lip line ran to the sides of its face, not on the front of its face like a human. It had a rounded chin and no neck. Submitted by the PBS.
Courtesy www.paresearchers.com website

1983 West Newton: Two boys were on their way home when they heard some sticks and branches breaking. When they looked in the direction of the noise they saw a white left arm sticking out of the thicket. The boys then turned and ran. Courtesy www.paresearchers.com website

1969 or 1970 West Newton: A group of young boys were walking home from fishing on the railroad tracks. They were followed by a dark figure that crossed the railroad tracks. The figure had very large arms that hung down below its knees. 

More West Newton Bigfoot Sightings can be found here: http://www.pabigfootsociety.com/sightingswestmoreland.html

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