Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oregon Sightings

Oregon Dogman Sighting #1
Year: 2007
Location: Montieth Park, Albany

Some of my fans asked for me to tell my personal story of what could be conceived as a werewolf attack that my fiance and I had went through. I will give a brief account of what happened, but in 2010 my book Williamette Werewolves will be coming out and you can read all 23 accounts of the werewolf sightings and/or attacks that has recently been happening in Albany, Oregon. All that is said here and in the book are 100% factual and not embellished in any way. All facts have been proven and accounted for.

In 2007 my fiance and I decided to meet late at night and lay beneath the stars and make out. We decided to choose a place that was well lit but private. So we chose Montieth Park in Albany, Oregon where the both of us live. At the park they have this wooden deck that juts out over the water, so we decided to lay there on some blankets. It was around one in the morning. I layed down the covers on the deck and we had just both snuggled into the blankets when we heard a very big splash in the water behind us. This was a really huge splash, like something really large jumped into the water.

We jumped up real quick and looked over the railing at the water. Something about 7 feet or longer that was black in color and it had hair all over it. It swam clear around the deck. The deck is 14 feet wide and 25 feet long. It swam really fast and around the deck in about 20 seconds. In the process of getting to the bank on the side of the deck it had grabbed a sleeping duck and bit into it whole. It then went onto the bank breaking limbs, and crunching on the duck.

My fiance was extremely frightened, as was I. But I wanted to see this "thing" up close. So I jingled my keys over the deck to attract the "thing". It then let out a very deep growl from the shadows of the trees. Sort of like a dog does when you approach his bowl when he is eating. But times that by 1000. Both of us were very concerned and scared crapless by now. I went over and grabbed the blankets to get out of there. Just as we turned to leave and go up the ramp and into the park, the growl got closer to us. But we lost sight of the "thing." We took a few more steps up the ramp towards the park, there was another growl.
I don't know how to accurately describe this growl, but it was deep, guteral, almost from the very bowels of the thing. It held the tone of the blackest anger with the lust of killing. And it made both of our blood run cold. We both thought at the time that we were seriously going to die.

Anyhow, my fiance and i took off running. The only thing I thought of was to protect her by running directly behind her and putting myself between her and the "beast." I never told her but where the ramp ends, there is foliage on both sides that lead down to the river banks. As I crossed the threshold of the ramp, I caught a glimpse of the "beast" to my left standing by a tree. It was huge and the most evil thing I have ever seen. It reeked of wildness and had very angry eyes.

We made it back to our car and took off at high speed.

Since that day, often I dream of being an animal myself, running on all fours and hunting in a dark city that is barren. I can taste the thrill of hunting in my mouth as I salivate.

A year later I was playing with my children in the front room, my fiance was at work. We were playing tag around the furniture and when they both ran behind the couch and then down the hallway, I jumped over the couch; clearing it by two feet and landed on all fours and ran on all fours after them while growling. They had stopped and stared at me and screamed. I don't remember this, but they had told me afterwards.

I believe that I became "linked" with the "thing" in the park and now knows how it feels. Like I mentioned above, there have been 23 other accounts in the past two years of this beast or more of them, in the area. And over half of the people I talked to that saw the beast says that they have dreams of being an animal hunting. We call it being "marked."

So there it is. Don't forget to look for my book in 2010.
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source: http://markminer.hubpages.com/hub/Williamette-Werewolf-Attacks


  1. Why spoil a reasonably believable tale of a sighting by mentioning you`re "linked" to this thing you saw...if that is what you feel,fine,but don`t expect anybody to believe it...in fact,as stated,you`ve utterly ruined a good tale that we could believe.

  2. Dear Anonymous- Dont be narrow minded. It makes you look small. There is MUCH more to reality than are normally seen, on a physical and spiritual level. I know this from personal experience.....(Im trying to type my name, but I dont know how to do it....URL(?), etc...

  3. UNKNOWN STATE: PINE TREES MENTIONED I WILL COMMENT UNDER OREGON Girls on a sleep over discuss creepy reclusive neighbors who never answer door. One day they see wolf walk past tree and a man comes out on other side. They wonder if they just saw a Werewolf From Website: ABOUT.COM true tales "the wolf creature"

  4. Hey mabey some of you can help me out. ive been try to track one of these things down up here in roseburg and dillard not in the town but the surounding forest. i swear that i have coverd every foot on my 400ex any tips

  5. I have to comment on the being marked thing. I first ran into a dogman in a dream. Over multiple years probably three dreams total. Anyways never have seen one waking, but compare encounter stories with dogman creatures and you will find many comparisons. A silence before you see them, a feeling of primal fear, thunderstorms, and multiple encounters aka being marked or even slight possession

  6. This thing is a fallen angel, demon or hybrid fallen angel/animal. you need an exorcism. Have you considered that you may be possessed to behave like that and not remember what you did to your children?