Friday, October 18, 2013

Indiana Dogman Sighting?

Dave has been a registered nurse for 7 years and a chiropractor for 23 years, thus he is very familiar with human anatomy. The most interesting observations with this sighting were the creature's gait, snout and ears. It walked with a bent legs, not heal to toe, with a slight bounce, leaning forward. The snout was about 3-4 inches long with a wide, flat, dog-like nose. The ears were pointed, but instead on top of the head, ear placement were on the side of the head.
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  1. i saw either a really ugly baby bear with missing hair crossing the road the other night or a dog that ran like a bear and had a very short tail out in putnam co.

  2. I think if I lived there the house would be abandoned petty quickly.

  3. INDIANA Summer 2006 at 11:30 am kid riding bike around lake in rural area sees black bigfoot or werewolf type creature. Website: ABOUT.COM May 2007 "Bigfoot or Werewolf"