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Wisconsin Sightings

Wisconsin Werewolf Sightings

Wisconsin Dogman Sighting #1
Year: 1936
Location: Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Mark Schackelman was driving along Highway 18 just outside of Jefferson, Wisconsin when he noticed something digging in a field off the side of the road. The site was a location where a Native American burial ground was believed to be. When Schackelman slowed down to get a better look, the "man" turned around and faced him. It turns out that it was a hairy creature that stood on two legs, which Schackelman described as looking like a mix between an ape and a dog. The creature had the general shape of a large man, with opposable thumbs and everything.

Schackelman drove off in a hurry but remained curious about the creature. The next night he drove past the same area hoping to see the creature again. He did. This time the man-beast growled at him in a way that sounded eerily human, making a sound that he described as "ga-DA-ra". Schackelman freaked out and the creature ran off. 

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #2
Year: 1964
Location: Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Dennis Fewless was driving along Highway 89 around midnight when he saw a figure running across the road. When his headlights caught sight of the creature, it was eerily similar to a werewolf seen in 1936, just a couple of miles away. Large and muscular, stood around seven feet tall, covered in dark brown hair, with a dog-like face. 

Fewless saw the creature run across the road, jump over a barbed-wire fence, and disappear into a corn field.

Fewless waited until the sun was up the next day to return to the scene of the werewolf sighting. He had hoped to find tracks to prove the size of the beast, but the ground was too hard. He was able to find the place in the cornfield where the werewolf had entered. The stalks of corn were broken and askew in such a way that supported the theory that a man-beast of massive size had been there.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #3
Year: 1972
Location: Jefferson County, Wisconsin

A woman (name unreported) called 911 when she heard someone trying to break into her rural home in the middle of the night. Upon further investigation, it appeared that it was not a person, but a large animal that had tried to get in. A few weeks later the creature returned and again tried to forcefully enter the house. This time the woman saw the creature. She described it as around eight feet tall, covered in dark brown hair, and it stood on two legs. It had long arms with hands that had long, sharp claws on them. 

When the creature couldn't get inside the house, it went out to the woman's barn and attacked a horse. The horse was alive, but had a deep cut across its back. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources investigated, finding a foot print that was said to be over a foot long. 

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #4
Year: 1989
Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

The town of Elkhorn, about an hour south of Jefferson County, had its own reports of the Wisconsin Werewolf. The first werewolf sighting occurred in 1989, though it wasn't reported until another sighting was reported 10 years later. 

A woman named Lorianne Endrizzi had seen a large figure on the side of the road. As she got close she realized that it was not a person but a tall beast, covered in gray/brown hair, with a dog-like face featuring fangs, pointed ears, and glowing yellow eyes. 

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #5
Year: 1989
Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

A dairy farmer named Scott Bray owned a cattle pasture near his family's namesake street, Bray Road. He reported seeing a dog, larger and taller than a German Shepherd, in his pasture one night. The creature was muscular and heavy, covered in gray/brown hair with pointed ears. Bray was able to find footprints, larger than any known dog or wolf, in the pasture the next day.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #6
Year: 1989
Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Russell Gest saw a large, dog-like creature in Elkhorn close to the time of the previous two reported encounters. He described the creature in a very similar way to the other reports, stating that it stood on its hind legs and began to slowly approach him before he ran away.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #7
Year: 1990
Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

An 11-year old girl named Heather Bowey saw what she thought was a large dog stand up on its hind legs and run away. She lived near Bray Road, which would become part of the famous nickname for this werewolf.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #8
Year: 1992
Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Tammy Bray, the wife of Scott Bray, was driving back to her home on Bray Road when she saw the creature. She also described a tall, broad shouldered, and muscular beast covered in dark brown hair. The dog-like face and glowing yellow eyes match the previous descriptions of the Wisconsin werewolf, though at this point, the other sightings had still not been widely reported.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #9
Year: 1999
Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

This is the sighting that first got everyone talking. It was the night of Halloween 1999, and an 18-year old woman named Doristine Gipson was driving along, you guessed it, Bray Road, when her car suddenly jerked as if she had hit something. She got out of the car and walked back along the road, straining to see. Then she caught sight of what she had hit.

A huge, dark, hairy figure began rushing toward her. Gipson ran back into her car and began to drive away. The beast reportedly jumped up onto the trunk of the car, but due to the wetness of the rain-covered car, it could not hold on and fell to the ground.
Gipson said she drove back to the location that same night with a young trick-or-treater, and they both saw a large figure laying on the side of the road. They didn't stay long.
Gipson reported the sighting the next day, which is what brought the other witnesses to share their tales. At this point, no one was sure what the creature was, so they dubbed it "The Bray Road Beast". 

The next 3 sightings are featured in this episode of MonsterQuest.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #10
Year: 2002
Location: Wisconsin

Don Young is a veteran hunter and guide in Wisconsin. He claims to have encountered the Dogman five times since 2002. He is familiar with bears and wolves and is positive that what he saw was something different. He describes the creature as between six and seven feet tall, with human looking feet, and black eyes. He states that he observed the creature make a 12 foot leap. While armed with a rifle at the time of his encounters, he says he never shot at the creature because of the fear that it was a man in some type of suit.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #11
Year: 2003-4
Location: Wisconsin

 In 2003, Matt Wakely was driving past a graveyard in Wisconsin. He saw a six foot tall hairy creature standing upright in the graveyard. He describes the creature as a cross between a wolf and a caveman.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #12
Year: 2004
Location: Wisconsin

In 2004, Katie Zahn and two friends encountered a group of Dogmen in Rock County, Wisconsin. They had gone to investigate an area where others had reported seeing the Dogman. They were walking in the woods when they came across a group of three Dogmen drinking from a stream. According to Zahn, the creatures behaved like humans but they definitely were not human. When the Dogmen began to approach the group, they ran away from the area.

The Polygraph Test
MonsterQuest has enlisted the aid of Sgt. William Macki from the Grand Forks, North Dakota Police Department. Macki is an expert in administering polygraph tests. Experts believe that polygraph tests are successful 70 to 90% of the time in determining if a person is telling what they believe to be the truth. A polygraph can not tell if the witness is accurate in the observations but only if they believe what they are saying.

As mentioned previously Katie Zahn and Matt Wakely have reported encounters with the Dogman. They agreed to have polygraph tests administered by Macki in regards to their encounters. According to Macki, all of these witnesses believe that they are being truthful about their encounters with the creature.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #13

Year: 2006
Location: Holy Hill Rd. Washington County

Steve Krueger, a DNR worker, is on his daily routes picking up deer carcasses. He parks his truck and throws a small doe in the bed. When he climbs back into the cab to fill out the paperwork, his trucks starts to shake. 

Added Krueger, "At first I didn't think anything of it and it shook a little bit more vigorously a second time. I just glanced up into the rearview mirror of my truck and I saw this big, hairy, black I don't know what it was." 

Steve threw it in drive and slammed on the gas. 

"It was big, it was stocky," recalled Krueger. "It had big pointed ears on the top of its head, and a bigger snout than what a bear has. I guesstimated it was between six and seven feet tall."

Steve filed a report of an aggressive animal to the sheriff's department. It didn't take long for the media to pick up on it.

"A Washington County man says he has spotted Bigfoot," reported NBC-15 anchor Becky Hillier in mid-November 2006.

"I was pretty scared when I saw it." Dillon Ruder and David Radeztsky lived on Holy Hill Road nearby. A few days before Steve's encounter the young boys were jumping on a trampoline and saw something very similar. 

"We saw just a hairy monster on the corner of the woods," added Ruder. 

In both reports the media called it Bigfoot or a werewolf.

source article on Steve Krueger

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #14
Year: Early 2010
Location: Walworth County
Dogman Encounter in Southern Wisconsin 

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #15
Year: Mid-October 2010
Location: Bray Road

In mid-October, 2010, four people saw two upright wolf-like creatures on Bray Road on a very well-lighted evening; first the creatures ran across the road and within seconds were seen standing in the middle of a muddy, recently rain-soaked field. Their ears, muzzles and canid legs were clearly observed. As soon as the witness stopped their car and rolled down their windows, both canines swiveled their heads toward the witnesses and then dropped to all fours and ran off. There were 6 people in the car but 2 in the back seat couldn't see over the others.


Wisconsin Dogman Sightings Map Linda Godfrey
map via http://www.beastofbrayroad.com/maps.html

Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting #16
Year: June 3, 2012
Location: Near Fulton, Wisconsin 

Fisherman saw upright wolf-like creature run across road near Fulton, Wisconsin on the night of June 3, 201.

Watch a short clip of the witness here: http://twitpic.com/9yl3li

other sources: A MonsterQuest Look at American Werewolf
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  1. Woof woof woof.

  2. I was driving on Cty Road 106 between Palmyra and Sullivan, Just before the stop sign to turn on 106 and either goto Sullivan or Fort Atkinson. A deer ran across the road in front of me and I slammed on my brakes to make sure i didn't hit it. While I was stopped a large...wolf ran across the road in pursuit of the deer. it was NOT a dog and it was too large to be a coyote. I would estimate it at close to 90lbs and from snout to tail perhaps 5 ft and 4 feet from paw to back. It was running on all 4 legs but there are no wolves this far south.

    1. There are for SURE wolves that far south. I live in Hales Corners, at the southwestern most tip of milwaukee county and have seen a total of 4 wild wolves in just my little town since 2004. Aside from being my totem and favorite animal, i have been studying wolves for over 20 years and xan tell you for certain they've made it to at LEAST the southern most part of milwaukee county. Ive also seen a cougar here once in 2002. Saw it drag half a deer into a tree and eat it. It was NUTZ!

  3. Let me throw this out there for some speculation. What if the dogman is in fact some kind of primate (like Sasquatch) but with different facial features, more like a baboon or gibbon. The bit about standing on it's hind legs would be something that a primate could do, and the size would also suggest some kind of unknown primate as well. We know Sasquatch is an omnivore so this could be as well. In the incident in Palmyra Maine which is close to the same latitude line as Wisconsin, the animals did not attack the house, which leads me to believe they were more curious than aggressive. I can believe that a canine creature could be that big, but I have a hard time believing that a canine creature could stand on it's hind legs, because the structure of the canine leg is not made for being "bipedal," whereas hominids (primates) DO have the leg structure to be able to stand on up on two legs. Catching one of these creatures would be a matter of finding out where they hide and sleep. Then setting up cameras and tracking their movements, perhaps with infrared cameras (thermal imaging). If we can find out what they eat, what kind of shelter they need, where they hunt, ect. we can track and capture one. Like the Sasquatch they likely inhabit the deep woods where humans do not live, so it would be a place where you would have to travel to on foot with whatever equipment you needed.

    1. That is interesting speculation regarding the creature being a type of baboon or gibbon primate...something along those lines would account for the facial features and is much more realistic than "werewolf"...I believe bigfoot exists but also believe it is not the peaceful creature some think it is..it seems this dogman type animal isn`t friendly either...and worse,they seem to be very intelligent.

    2. It is human nature to assume that something unusual and scary is aggressive. But it is just your speculation. As far as capturing one of these creatures, i find that very distasteful. Whatever these creatures are...they certainly have just as much right to exist as you do even if you don't understand what they are. I agree that we won't learn much about them if we can't examine them up close and personal, but there are other ways to study them without causing them harm or psychological trauma. There is so much negativity surrounding these sorts of things, and i find it to be very disheartening.


  5. I called Dr .Jerry Calvi yesterday regarding his interview of the 7 year old girl(who is now an adult)who saw the "Dogman".Although I cannot provide specific details of our conversation,suffice to to say,I am nevertheless intrigued about the whole thing,and convinced that there IS something out there.What? I do not know,but come this summer,I am going to launch my own search party. If this Dogman turns out to be real,I will try to photograph it. I have already decided that if this creature exists,it would be the RIGHT THING to just LET IT BE,rather than to capture it for profit.

    1. I also share your eagerness to learn more about these creatures. And i also have very strong feelings towards coexisting with them and respecting their existence.

  6. You're looking in the wrong place. There's more than just Wisconsin. There have been far more recent sightings in Canada and Minnesota. Two different kinds one tall bipedal golden eyes. The other like a normal wolf but bigger pure white with blue eyes that shine light flames.

  7. Like i said i have come across this creature before on several occasions and each time it was the same What we have is the emergence of a new type of mammal but how were they made, and how do we at least control this population outburst of dangerous cryptids.

    1. same large, wolf-like, bipedal, red-eyed, large-pawed, large-clawed creature known to frequent wooded areas and has a vicious reputation

    2. I think we need to control this outburst of dangerous menacing humans!! I would be far more leery of coming across some gun wielding menacing human than confronting one of these cryptids. If you have ill intentions towards them...they can sense it, and that may be all it takes for an aggressive encounter to take place.

    3. HI! I personally have never seen one but I do have strange dreams regarding these werewolves which lead me to believe that they do exist. perhaps premonitions of a sort. For instance, a man showing up at a house selling something to a couple in older age, they were taking care of granddaughter. The man comes in sits down to discuss his trade and opens his bag, at that moment he turns and becomes some evil werewolf monster that bit the head off that man, and then the woman was in the kitchen she heard him scream and ran up stairs hid in the closet, I saw this through her eyes. That thing came in to the bedroom and I saw it clearly. very frightening, she didn't make a sound. it had red eyes and very evil looking like something so ancient. She told the police that it was a large animal of some sort.

    4. i too have had nightmares regarding the beast as the first of when things began it was at night i had went to investigate a sound i'd heard and somehow using thermal imaging i could see some animal well figuring it might go away but as i chose to walk around our house and i came along the patio something crawled from under the deck it had glowing yellow eyes and regardless of how i attempted to fight it off it mauled me badly i managed to escape but the wound on my arm was bleeding perfusely i managed to get away and retreat to the safety of indoors and instantly get pressure on the wound my parents never believed me. since then i had two others one was unclear as the first as it was dark and something in the woods out back our home called to me when jokingly i called then the third was i walked right up to the creature which turned out too be four and i rolled up my sleeve and allowed it to bite me all are unclear and difficult to figure out i simply shook it off and lived my life so i understand how unnerving it can be seralene

  8. I actually did see 2 wolves on hwy 51 north of Janesville, they were huge. Was around 3 am, I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid them and so did another car (which happened to be a Sheriff) in the other lane. Both were brown, like the color of a deer with its darker winter coat, and they were really lanky and long for wolves. I got a real good look at them, definitely wolves, only other wolf i've seen is a black one up near lake nokomIs way north from here and these were much bigger and lankier. So yeah we got wolves down here for sure, don't know about werewolves but wolves definitely.

  9. ladies and gentlemen
    my name is not important but if i may have your attention please. after not too long i will be forming a investigative group to investigate the cases as they come if interested please let me know otherwise it would be purely for the ability to help others and figure out the cases truth if not also prove the existence of these creature which after reviewing case after case could be the next level for animal evolution

  10. I was a mind controlled torture prisoner of the Jews. I regained memory of being tortured by werewolves in La Crosse, WI. They are extremely diseased and eat horrendous amounts of beef.