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What is the Dogman?

What is the Dogamn? A Werewolf?

Author/investigator Linda Godfrey has perhaps been the biggest voice in introducing the "Dogman" concept to the masses. It is reported as an upright canine known in Wisconsin as the Beast of Bray Road, in Michigan as the Dog Man, in the Southwest as the Skinwalker, and all over the world as a werewolf. You can find many of her books on Amazon like "Real Wolfman: True Encounters in Modern America" and more. 
Dogman phenomena has become much more commonly known through the paranormal community since the advent of popularity in Bigfoot investigating. Those seeking Bigfoot have also come across the Dogman and also stories by habituators (those who co-exist with Bigfoot and often gift them food) of having Dogman on their properties, as well.

Most commonly, the Dogman is described as 6 feet tall and taller, having pointed ears (sometimes no ears are seen), a dog-like snout (more like a bear by most witness reports), red eyes, and spindly legs that leave dog-like footprints.

Are you getting scared yet? 

First, we must acknowledge that a famous supposed dogman video was actually found to be a hoax - a man in a ghillie suit. Of course, there have been hundreds of fake Bigfoot videos, as well, but we don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
There are many camps of thought as to what a Dogman is: 

Traditionalists believe it's a werewolf (man turned into animal). They see the phenomena as something either psychological (man acting as wolf in some sort of lycanthropic mental illness) or literally overcome by some curse or disease that makes him wild and transformative.

Skeptics believe people are seeing large dogs, bears, or men and misinterpreting it. Or, perhaps they are seeing Bigfoot and registering it in a canine way.

Spiritualists believe Dogman is a shapeshifter; a human who can take on the spirit of an animal or imitate one for dark purposes. 

Bigfoot believers sometimes take the stance that Dogman is simply a Bigfoot with unusual features, perhaps a more pronounced fore-face.

A great deal of those studying the phenomena see it as a potential aberration perhaps created by gene manipulation by outside forces, such as aliens.


Beast of 7 Chutes
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The Beast of 7 Chutes, a photo taken in Quebec supposedly shows a Dogman in the bottom right corner in the woods. It has gotten a lot of attention because, well, Dogman is not often filmed.  It is reported that the beast appears to be holding something and looking up at the photographer who had no idea he was there.

A blown up version of the creature:

Beast of 7 Chutes Quebec

There is a legend among Bigfooters and cryptid communities about the Land Between the Lakes, an area in Kentucky where supposedly a family in an RV were torn to pieces.  According to reports, it was all covered up and hidden by officials. This was discussed very nicely in the documentary Hunt the Dogman.

There is a movie out called Dogman that you might want to check out just to hear a fictional story based on this cryptid. 

Dogman is admittedly more of an obsession for me than Bigfoot. I have seen a Bigfoot and having seen one, it changed my view of what they are. I used to think they were some kind of ape. There was nothing but hair to remind of me ape when I saw Bigfoot. He was as human as could be. Dogman, however, has been reported as very angry, irritable, doesn't want to run into people but if he does, has been reported to psychically send warnings and threats, as well as being willing to tear a person up from limb to limb. I have heard many private reports about Dogman encounters, and none of them have been pleasant or positive. I have also heard that Bigfoot fears Dogman. In fact, reportedly it is the thing they fear most.  Considering Dogman is reportedly up to a few feet smaller than Bigfoot and perhaps less muscular, it says a lot about Dogman's personality and ability to show threat and be aggressive.

Until I encounter one, I can't make any assumptions. I'm a theory gal, however, and when I hear reports of things like Dogman, lizard man, horse man, goat man, moth man and ape man, I cannot help but think that there is something else in nature we are not privy to or something as unnatural as genetic manipulation by an "outsider." 

There is also the very real possibility (one that I used to laugh at and am now putting on the table) that the reason these cryptids can hide so damn well and the reason they are so unusual is that they are other parallel world and can play tag in and out of the worlds with a knowledge of cutting through the worlds we do not possess. Yet.

I would have chalked it all up to fantasy and legend, but if I can find that Bigfoot is out there with lots of witness testimony and my own personal sighting, then all these stories of Dogman may have something to them.

By Sharon Day @ 

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America

The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)


  1. I`m glad that somebody takes these reports with enough seriousness to devote time to the subject...I`ve no personal experience with bigfoot or dogman but am sure that there is much more to the tales than mere imagination and hallucination....thanks for your efforts.

  2. My name is Don Peak and I can find the dogman....

  3. the older I get (I am 62) the more I think that there is more to this world than we ever realized. Nothing much surprises me any more.

    1. Amen!
      The more I know, the more I realize that I DON'T KNOW!
      Shakespeare was right-on when he wrote--

      "There are more things in Heaven & Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy."

      In my experience & opinion anyway!
      I have also been very impressed that some cryptids (particularly--ESPECIALLY-- of the dogman/werewolf varieties, probably some other human/animal "hybrids" & perhaps SOME types of beings we refer to as Sasquatches) are not "just" unknown "animals"--but beings of evil, with evil action & intent, & often/possibly with links to the dark occult.
      I encourage people to keep this in mind, & to call upon the Power & Assistance of God, Lord Jesus, God's Angels, &/or whichever Prophets, Masters, Beings of Light, Life, Love, Good, & God with Whom they resonate. Prayer has sometimes been reported to be effective in these encounters.
      I know that God has helped me in every paranormal experience that I have had (Thank You, God!).
      I consider myself highly blessed to never have encountered a dogman (of which I'm aware!).
      I fervently hope & pray it stays that way!
      My prayers for SAFETY, security, healing, comfort, & peace are with all who have encountered, or will yet encounter, these creatures.
      Be safe y'all!
      God bless y'all!
      God bless us ALL!
      Peace. ❤

  4. Some relate to the dogman or even werewolves as someone that has some curse or disease that makes a person wild and enables transformation. I would like to share my input here. The only "Disease" in this world is the ignorance of man, or rather, mans "limited knowledge". The reason i refer to ignorance as a disease is that man often wields his ignorance as truth and facts and places those against higher truths, facts, and purposes that are already in place and have been existing for millennia. Perception is one of the keys to unlocking our minds, but even with that, you have to be willing to accept facts and truths outside of "ordinary thinking and knowledge", or it will never lead anyone further than the "average mind" or existence. There is alot more to an individuals spirit that most are aware of. If you have the power within yourself to alter even one tiny insignificant thing within your body using your thought and spirit alone, when everyone else believes you have to use physical means to control it, this unlocks a whole other world of reality, but realization, acknowledgement, and awareness, are the borders between coincidence, belief and superstition. They say that belief is a powerful element, but belief is not enough, it has to be accompanied by "conscious reality". Our consciousness is actually the only thing standing in between us and the "liquid state" of reality. The universe is like a huge mirror. When most people look in that mirror, the truths that most see are the truths that are commonly acknowledged and accepted as facts. When you flip that mirror around to the other side, it becomes transparent, like the mirrored window of an automobile. You can't see in the car from the outside, all you see is the reflection of yourself and the world behind you. But when you are inside, suddenly you can see what others can't. I have heard it said that life is like a holographic projection. It is real and imaginary at the same time. Reality is the manifestation of imagination and consciousness, but that is only the surface of it. Imagination is the reality of the unknown. Consciousness is the reality that we acknowledge as being real. Humans are not the only ones that posses intelligent consciousness. Everywhere you look, present within all matter is the element of conscious acknowledgement. With all of my ramblings aside, for those of you that believe in dogmen, bigfoot, etc, it doesn't mean that you are crazy, it just means that you are more mature than others, and your mind is open to the idea of things greater than yourselves. The acceptance of possibilities and an open mind are paths to greatness. Personally i think of these dogmen creatures as something of beauty. I often ponder the thought of "living in an alien world", and it is very exciting to think about. Maybe alien is the wrong word to use...maybe "diverse" would be more appropriate. The one thing that really upsets me is people that belittle others for believing in things outside of the ordinary. We are living among truths that have always been with us, but just never noticed them. I would also like to add about the negative experiences relating to the dogman. I actually go "visiting" sometimes to an area of dogman sightings, I have had about 4 audible encounters that to me were positive, but then as i visit, i suppress feelings of fear and defense, and instead emit thoughts and feelings of acceptance, peace, trust, submital, respect, humility, and the desire to hang out and be close to these creatures. Way out feelings compared to most, but i know what i have heard and felt regarding my encounters, and there was nothing "negative" about my encounters. I'm getting tired of Hope you all have a good day.

    1. Really clicked with your thoughts until the last bit. Dont fuck with nature. I hunt trophy moose. 48 inch racks or better. Theyare the most challenging and the oldest. They dont trust anything but their sense of smell. Hunger is the reality that threatens their existance. Take precautions friend. The world needs more people like you.

    2. Really clicked with your thoughts until the last bit. Dont fuck with nature. I hunt trophy moose. 48 inch racks or better. Theyare the most challenging and the oldest. They dont trust anything but their sense of smell. Hunger is the reality that threatens their existance. Take precautions friend. The world needs more people like you.

  5. I truly hope that there is no objective danger & no evil to dogmen. Your characterization of them as peaceful, non-threatening,& of a neutral, good, or at least non-evil nature & intent goes against 99.99% of the reported encounters I've read and to which I've listened, as well as my own intuitive response.
    I am glad that you have been & felt safe, & free from a sense of evil.
    I hope that this remains the case--for you, & will be so for everyone.
    I applaud & appreciate your open mind, open heart, expansive viewpoint, creativity,& imagination. All good things which improve the world--& individuals--greatly.
    But...please be very safe, & stay open to the possibility that things may not be as they seem to you, &/or may not always occur as they have previously. Please (all of us!) use physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, & energetic discernment & listen to your body & your "gut", heart, & intuitive & Higher Selves indealing with dogmen and/or other aspects of the cryptid &/or paranormal realm (& humans & "mundane" creatures & situations as well, for that matter! 😉).
    I urge you to PRAY & call on & invoke God, Jesus, (or whatever Spiritual Masters of Light, Love, Life, & God with Whom you work/resonate/identify) & the Angels & the energies of Light, Love, & Good (& God) for SAFETY, protection, Shelter, guidance, assistance, and HELP--should you find yourself in a situation with these (or any other!) beings involving danger and/or darkness, & evil! And follow whatever else you know (&/or are inspired, or Guided to) to get safe & secure & at peace.
    I wish you safety, security, discernment, health, peace,& joy!
    Be safe!
    May we all be safe & happy!
    You, me, & all of us, are in my prayers & best hopes & wishes.
    Peace. 💗

  6. I have encountered what people are referring to as 'dogman' and I've encountered multiple types of sasquatch. I live in Arkansas between the *Sabine River* and Ouchita mountain range. The 'dogman' has red eyes even during daylight. In most sketches I've seen except the face they are accurate. They can leap around 20 ft or more. They have the ability to run like a human or on all 4's. They kill animals in a similar fashion to the 'hk' sliverback typed sasquatch...running with the animal and slamming it's back into a tree breaking the bones. Then they rip it's stomach open. I have encountered them because I have spent a lot of time in my area in the woods and bicycling and jogging including into neighboring cities. They hunt by chasing deer and large game through the woods.

    The above is a link to my google places. You have to extract it to drive c for the icons and overlays to work right. Then open the kmz or kml file in google earth.

  7. I show the location of my 'dogman' encounter in google earth. I witnessed one leap from the tree line on the pipeline...then leap again at a large black picked it up and leaped from a 6 o'clock position to a 2 o'clock position about 20 ft up a pine tree...breaking the bear's back bones on the bottom tree limb. It had a silvery grey hair color and red eyes during daylight..legs similar to a frog...the area these den up at looks like a tornado hit the area with trees uprooted. (they uproot trees by running through the woods then springing at them on all 4). I believe they have mixed with another type of sasquatch and the slasher type sasquatch is their offspring.