Monday, April 15, 2013

What Does The DFRO Think Dogman Is?

What is the Dogman?

Eyewitness descriptions of the Dogman slightly vary on occasion but the general consensus is the same. The Dogman is said to resemble a large bi-pedal wolf or dog like creature. Dogmen are reported as being much longer and larger than wolves and are known to walk on 2 legs. Since regular gray wolves aren't noted for being in places like southern Wisconsin where there are a lot of Dogman sightings, we don't believe them to be gray wolves. The Canadian wolf on the other hand is a much larger canine than the gray but is not found in Wisconsin.

We at the DFRO subscribe to the thought that these could possibly be flesh and blood creatures. We think dogman could either be a wolf/dog hybrid that stands on 2 legs at times or perhaps an ancient species thought to be extinct or that is yet to be discovered.

Due to the fact that the creature has not yet been proven by science to exist, we really can't rule anything out on what they might actually be. And that brings us to the purpose of this Organization, to find out what they really are...

A good write-up by Sharon Day What is the Dogman?

An Introduction To The DFRO

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  1. Yes Sissy, we're looking forward to getting out in the field and collaborating with others on this endeavor.

  2. I've read a lot of sighting posts and its possible that people are confusing them with bigfoot. Bigfoot is a other thing altogether. Native american skinwalkers practice black magic and often shapeshift into animals. Not to say that all sightings of these creatures are native american but you dont have to be to practice withcraft. Use caution in your search and keep your faith close and in your heart

  3. Love the new site.. Just stumbled across it and i'll surely be checking on a daily basis!

  4. Love the site! Thanks for creating it.

    I've read many accounts of both dogmen and bigfoot and the descriptions are very different. I've seen what I believe was a bigfoot and it looked nothing like a dog.

  5. Here's just a thought and maybe new theory. The photo on this site taken in Canada I believe, makes me think of some sort of bi-pedal baboon. Baboons are aggressive, they have barking like sounds and other sounds. What if if dogman or werewolves in Europe, etc. are a species that is anciently related to baboons?

  6. Awesome site man! Outstanding. I've become enraptured with this legacy in the last couple years,,.and it never gets dull. Keep up the great work!!

  7. Really like the site, I've been looking for the dog man and big foot for several years in 6 states...coming close to some real success and looking for sponsors check out my sites you can also reach me at 502 291-6999 email

  8. They're probably just mis-identified Sasquatches.

  9. Your group gives no consideration to a supernatural element to Dogman?

  10. Hello,
    I am looking for someone to interview on my live stream vlog about this subject. If you could direct me to someone, or would be willing to be interviewed yourself, please send me an email at
    Shawn DoXa

  11. Alien visiting from outerspace
    conjured spirit by magic
    native american guardian spirit
    ancient race of subterranean warrior aliens been here for thousands of years
    type of bigfoot with elongated snout and pointy ears?
    Linda Godfrey authored many books: Beast Bray Road, Michigan dogman, etc... good reference about dogman and werewolf sightings

  12. Have you heard of the cynocephali? Pliny published reports in Natural History (79 AD) Of corse there is also anubis etc.
    However, I'm not sure how much their descriptions match recent sightings.

  13. But the question is what would a dogman do to me?