Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tennessee Sightings

Tennessee Sighting #1
Year: 2003-04

Patricia Law, of Pikesville, reported a dogman sighting during the winter of 2003–04. The man-sized beast had “a long snout and large teeth . . . and it was sort  of grinning at me.



  1. Ive seen it also they r very dangerous. It attacked and killed my coon hounds 1 night. Started coming toward me. I fired at it several times with my shotgun don't know if hurt it. I got out of there and never been back in that holler. Never been so scared in my life and I am a combat vet.

  2. NORTH CAROLINA-- NEXT TO TENNESSEE. ON WEBSITE ABOUT.COM TRUE TALES "North Caroline Werewolf" 10 year old boy with group of friends see DOGMAN STANDING BEHIND TREE with long tall the "thing" stood like a man swaying back and forth peeking around the tree. Had fur and followed them home.

  3. KENTUCKY: Grayson County. Man grabs at huge wolf with weird yellow eyes and get poked by metal hair? It bites him, another day he goes back to take photo and it asks him via telepathy not to take his (the wolf) picture. ALIEN? Website: under true tales " Backroad encounter with a psychic metal werewolf"