Monday, April 15, 2013

New York Sightings

New York #1
Year: June 2004
Location: Near lake Champlain

Two men driving near Lake Champlain sighted “two huge wolves running on their back two feet” along an interstate highway. One witness claimed the creatures were “running nearly 100 miles per hour.”



  1. CORTLAND NY 1981/82 - 7-8 age year old see dogman outside window, from website added 2/2014 it happened along time ago when they were a kid.

  2. UNKNOWN STATE: Submitted Aug. 2003 to true tales "hellhound or werewolf" Lady lets cat out to go potty. Sees in the wood red eyes, cat runs after it, cat screams. Then creature chases her, she runs, looks back at huge creature with dog like face running like a gorilla (on its knuckles? like a Bigfoot?) Few reports of aggressive Dogmen chasing people. Most of the time the dogman runs away.

  3. They are demons they are not flesh and blood although you may think so. Though many do not believe in the bible Read Rev Chapter 12:7 to 9. They are disobedient angels that forsook their rightful dwelling place. In the days of Noah they could materilze into humans and had relations with the woman see Gensis 6:2 they had children called the nephilim that were extremely violent Gensis 6: 4 so much so that god brought the flood in Noahs day as all flesh was ruined and every thought was bad all the time Gensis 6: 5. They cannot materilize anymore into humans they are unclean and vicious. They seek to deceive mankind. They are unclean spirits that are trying to materilize but are not allowed so therefor their dog like stature and height. There is nothing good about them. They have been cast down to the earth Rev 12:12. They know they will be destroyed by Michael (Jesus) in the final part of the days.