Friday, April 19, 2013

Missouri Sightings

Missouri #1
Year: 2003
Location: NearSpringfield

Late  in  2003,  a  savage “hyena-like animal” treed  a  hunter  from  Springfield. Other local residents described “wolf-like creatures, muddy brown and black, with weird heads, and stove-pipe long necks.


  1. I'm born and raised in the area, almost 50 years. There used to be an animal research lab north of Springfield Mo. Between Spfd and Buffalo several odd creatures have been spotted over the years, like 4 red tailed lemurs hit along the hwy 65 and a dead tree walaby found on a nearby farm. You won't find a record of them, I reported some of it myself but was always blown off by state troopers, DNR and others

  2. DALLAS TEXAS 2005 no Texas category nearest is Missouri. SOURCE: DOGMAN U.K.(England) facebook: Couple see 7ft DOGMAN CROSS STREET near apartment complex in suburban area. Had glowing yellow eyes. Massive legs, but small doglike paws hanging like a T-REX in front. It was bipedal and ran into the bushes. It took 4 steps to cross the road.

  3. Rolla, 2016
    3 years ago my daughter and I were coming out of the woods and looked across our pasture and saw something I can only describe as a huge wolf with gray matted fir. It was about 150 yards away, and came bounding down the hill at full speed. It didn't take too many strides for the thing to clear the hill and enter into the woods. I had to ask her what she saw because I couldn't believe my eyes. She described what I just shared. I called conservation, but they had no other reports.

    A few weeks later a friend of mine spotted something dead on the side of the road. He said it was huge with extremely long gray/black fur. He said he was afraid to get out of the truck and look at it in case it was just stunned.

    When he came back later, the carcass was gone. Weird. Just plain weird.