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Minnesota Sightings

                                                                         artist: Linda Godfrey
Minnesota Dogman Sighting #1
Year: March 2006
Location: Near Princeton, Mn.

I used to work in Princeton, Minnesota, from 2005 to 2006.  I lived in St. Cloud, Minnesota and commuted the forty minutes to work, taking state highway 95 between St. Cloud and Princeton.  In March of 2006 I hit a deer at night on the way home from work, so I was always more cautious and attentive when drive after that.  The place where I struck the deer was the northern edge of the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge which butts up to the highway.  Consequently I would slow down to about forty-five miles per hour when I would approach the refuge and drive holding down the high-beams switch; this allows me to drive with both high and low-beams at the same time.  

In mid-April, about six weeks after I struck the deer, I was passing the refuge, driving slowly, looking for deer.  I saw the reflection of eyes, like a deer or raccoon, near the south bank of the highway.  I slowed down further and the animal bolted out twenty feet in front of my car.  It crossed the road from south to north.  I wish I could tell you that it was another deer, but I’m convinced that it wasn’t.

Whatever it was, it moved on TWO legs, not four.  I only saw it for a few seconds and my adrenaline was pumping, thinking I was going to hit another animal, but I can see the flashes of what I saw in front of me in my mind’s eye as clear as yesterday.

It’s forward limbs did NOT touch the ground.  This was bipedal, maybe six or seven feet tall.  It was brown or maybe dark grey.  The eyes were reflective, like a deer’s.  It’s limbs were long and robust like a man’s, not spindly, like a deer’s.  I think that it was covered with hair or fur, accounting for the color.  And the shape of it’s face was not flat like a man’s, but prognathic to the point having a snout, like a dog’s.  It ran north across the highway and I accelerated west toward St. Cloud.

Damnedest think I ever saw.  I have a degree in anthropology with a minor in biology, and a degree to teach social studies.  I’m a teetotaler and have no serious religious convictions.  The point is that I’m not prone to flights of fancy or wild imagination.  I didn’t see a deer or a black bear.  And if it was a man in a suit he ran the risk of becoming road kill.  

This looked alot like what folks have been describing as the “Michigan Dogman” or the so-called “Beast of Bray Road.”   I get the sense that it did have triangular ears.  I can’t be totally sure on that, though.  I didn’t see it’s feet; however the walk seemed like there was a “spring” in it’s step.  That makes me think that it wasn’t walking flat-footed, but on the balls of its feet. Annonymous

source: Lindagodfrey's Blog

Minnesota Dogman Sighting #2
Year: October 2009
Location: Spring Lake Park, Mn.

This happened in October of 2009. I was driving to work at 5:30 a.m. past Spring Lake in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. As I approached a stop sign, I got a clear view of the lake. From the stop, to the lake, it's maybe 20 yards. I looked over, and crouched down next to the lake were two figures. At first I didn't think anything of them, but as I went through the stop, one of the creatures stood up and looked at me.

I pulled over and stared at it. They looked like two big mutant bears. But muscular and had human features. I could see fingers with claws. Its face was humanlike, but with a snout. After watching for a good minute, the second creature stood up. I hightailed it so fast out of there.

I'm sure you're thinking: "Minnesota? Definitely bears." Two things: One, I live in Minnesota and I know what a bear looks like; two, this wasn't the wilderness where I saw them. This was like 10 minutes away from Minneapolis. I don't know what they were. I think werewolves. Never saw them again, nor do I want to.

source: http://paranormal.about.com

Minnesota Dogman Sighting #3
Year: March 2010
Location: Near Taylors Falls, Mn.

Hello - I was steered to you by a man I know up north from here. He said that you are interested in these things so I figured I'd send an email.

I live in Taylors Falls, Minnesota and I was driving north on Wild Mountain Rd. around 7 am. on Jan 2nd. I was heading for the ski area when I saw some kind of animal running in the field towards the river. I pulled off the road and grabbed my binoculars. It looked like a large wolf but it was different. By that time some guy in a truck pulled up and was wondering what I was looking at. I told him that I think there is a large wolf in the field. He got out of the truck and asked to use the binoculars. He said he didn't think it was a wolf and that it looked like it was chasing something.

We stood for a few minutes watching. It would run into the woods then pop back into the field for a bit. The light was getting better so I grabbed my parka and started to walk closer to get a better look. The other guy said he had to leave but did say again that he didn't think it was a wolf.

I was about a 1/2 mile from the ski area near one of the trail roads. I started to walk towards the river. I was about 100 ft from where I saw the animal from the road when I heard an owl screech coming from the woods to my right. On the edge of the woods this huge dog came running out of the trees. The best way to describe it was that it looked like a big hyena but it ran on two back legs and bent over. It had wooly black hair all over it's body and a long thick tail. It must have weighed 200 lbs or more. I've been in the woods all my life and have never seen anything like this. It looked over at me but continued to run from right to left in front of me. It also made a steady loud panting sound as it ran.

I turned on a pivot and ran out of there hoping this animal wasn't going to chase me. When I got to the car an old man had pulled off and standing there watching me. He wondered what I was doing. I yelled at him to "get the hell out of there" and said that a monster dog was out there. I think he believed me because the look on his face showed fear like he knew something was really out there.

I didn't go to the ski area, instead I went back home all shook up and asking myself what I saw.

I read the stories about the Michigan dogman and something you had about one being seen in Wisconsin. What do you think this was? It was no wolf or any other animal native to the area.

Please don't use my name if you pass this along. This is my work email, I can send you another later.

The guy who sent me your email address told me that there was a sighting last year just west of Duluth. He said it was a hunter that came across it while tracking a deer he had shot. I don't know the details but if it looked like the animal I saw I'm sure he got the hell out of there. Thanks - J

source:naturalplane blog

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  1. Freakin` four legs !! ..`cepting jes` on two of `em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the creatures will not hurt you but just for safety reasons have Wolfsbane and misteltoe cuz they're highly allergic to both and mistletoe they will stay as far away from you as possible.

  3. Janesville, Minnesota. FROM: ABOUT.COM website "I SHOT A STRANGE CREATURE". Deer hunter sees dogman with front paws like human hands about 5 ft tall at the shoulders. It was growling and had loud footsteps. It was sniffing the air following his scent and looked right at him. He shot it 3 times,but it ran off. Was blackish brown color and continues to see evidence of its footprints to this day.