Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oregon Sightings

Oregon Dogman Sighting #1
Year: 2007
Location: Montieth Park, Albany

Some of my fans asked for me to tell my personal story of what could be conceived as a werewolf attack that my fiance and I had went through. I will give a brief account of what happened, but in 2010 my book Williamette Werewolves will be coming out and you can read all 23 accounts of the werewolf sightings and/or attacks that has recently been happening in Albany, Oregon. All that is said here and in the book are 100% factual and not embellished in any way. All facts have been proven and accounted for.

In 2007 my fiance and I decided to meet late at night and lay beneath the stars and make out. We decided to choose a place that was well lit but private. So we chose Montieth Park in Albany, Oregon where the both of us live. At the park they have this wooden deck that juts out over the water, so we decided to lay there on some blankets. It was around one in the morning. I layed down the covers on the deck and we had just both snuggled into the blankets when we heard a very big splash in the water behind us. This was a really huge splash, like something really large jumped into the water.

We jumped up real quick and looked over the railing at the water. Something about 7 feet or longer that was black in color and it had hair all over it. It swam clear around the deck. The deck is 14 feet wide and 25 feet long. It swam really fast and around the deck in about 20 seconds. In the process of getting to the bank on the side of the deck it had grabbed a sleeping duck and bit into it whole. It then went onto the bank breaking limbs, and crunching on the duck.

My fiance was extremely frightened, as was I. But I wanted to see this "thing" up close. So I jingled my keys over the deck to attract the "thing". It then let out a very deep growl from the shadows of the trees. Sort of like a dog does when you approach his bowl when he is eating. But times that by 1000. Both of us were very concerned and scared crapless by now. I went over and grabbed the blankets to get out of there. Just as we turned to leave and go up the ramp and into the park, the growl got closer to us. But we lost sight of the "thing." We took a few more steps up the ramp towards the park, there was another growl.
I don't know how to accurately describe this growl, but it was deep, guteral, almost from the very bowels of the thing. It held the tone of the blackest anger with the lust of killing. And it made both of our blood run cold. We both thought at the time that we were seriously going to die.

Anyhow, my fiance and i took off running. The only thing I thought of was to protect her by running directly behind her and putting myself between her and the "beast." I never told her but where the ramp ends, there is foliage on both sides that lead down to the river banks. As I crossed the threshold of the ramp, I caught a glimpse of the "beast" to my left standing by a tree. It was huge and the most evil thing I have ever seen. It reeked of wildness and had very angry eyes.

We made it back to our car and took off at high speed.

Since that day, often I dream of being an animal myself, running on all fours and hunting in a dark city that is barren. I can taste the thrill of hunting in my mouth as I salivate.

A year later I was playing with my children in the front room, my fiance was at work. We were playing tag around the furniture and when they both ran behind the couch and then down the hallway, I jumped over the couch; clearing it by two feet and landed on all fours and ran on all fours after them while growling. They had stopped and stared at me and screamed. I don't remember this, but they had told me afterwards.

I believe that I became "linked" with the "thing" in the park and now knows how it feels. Like I mentioned above, there have been 23 other accounts in the past two years of this beast or more of them, in the area. And over half of the people I talked to that saw the beast says that they have dreams of being an animal hunting. We call it being "marked."

So there it is. Don't forget to look for my book in 2010.
check out my website at www.markminerwrites.weebly.com

source: http://markminer.hubpages.com/hub/Williamette-Werewolf-Attacks

Monday, December 23, 2013

Maine Sightings

Maine Dogman Sighting #1
Year: 2011 - Hunting Season
Location: Washington, Maine
I have a sighting to report. My old neighbor, who committed suicide shortly after his experience, came to me with his experience. We were both Registered Maine Guides (Hunting, Fishing, Recreation). Guiding in Maine is a serious business. The criteria are strict, and guides are expert woodsmen, with years of outdoors experience. Anyway, he confided in me about this sighting. He was hunting his own property during deer season of 2011. The property is located on the Jefferson / Washington town lines (which are also the Knox / Lincoln county lines) in Maine. The particular property is a Christmas tree farm, and is private property. My friend was watching a run, where deer regularly traveled, cutting through his property. He observed for about a minute a bipedal creature walking, with its upper body well above his Christmas trees. It had a "wolf's head", was muscular, and covered in hair, but walking like a man. At the end of the sighting, the creature dropped to all fours and took off down the run. He was shaking when he told me the story, and based upon my few years working in law enforcement, I don't believe he was lying. Both of us guided for bear hunters at the time, and I know he was very familiar with bears, and Maine wildlife in general. He made a particular emphasis on the "pointed ears". He said it "looked like a werewolf". In Maine, people do see these things, and generally call them Wendigo. After that sighting, I carried a firearm going to my barn at night. I am certain that he told me the truth. Unfortunately, he for some reason committed suicide shortly after he told me about the sighting, which was very fresh at the time. The area has some large tracts of woods, with very limited access, due to private property. There is a stream passing through the area, and some high ridges. Also, old cellar holes and stone walls are scattered throughout the forest behind the property. Food sources are plentiful in the area, with old apple trees, berry patches, deer, turkey, snowshoe hares. Bears are present in the area, but not in huge numbers. Moose are also present, but again not in huge numbers. While I still own a house very near the spot, I have moved to South Dakota, and have no intention of moving back to Maine, due to political-economic reasons. I am curious if other Maine folks have seen these things. It seems to me that people have, but always in hushed conversations about "an uncle".

Friday, October 18, 2013

Indiana Dogman Sighting?

Dave has been a registered nurse for 7 years and a chiropractor for 23 years, thus he is very familiar with human anatomy. The most interesting observations with this sighting were the creature's gait, snout and ears. It walked with a bent legs, not heal to toe, with a slight bounce, leaning forward. The snout was about 3-4 inches long with a wide, flat, dog-like nose. The ears were pointed, but instead on top of the head, ear placement were on the side of the head.
Read the full report at www.kentuckybigfoot.com.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What is The Dogman? - Poll Results

Fifty six people took the poll and here are the results:

Here are some comments left under the original post:

Sharon D:  Dogman. I think we're dealing with an actual being. The question is whether he is more human like as Bigfoot is, or he's some kind of genetic manipulation, a variation of Bigfoot with odd facial features, or a completely new genus of animal. I don't tend to think toward the magical, but a shamanic shapeshifter could be an interesting explanation. 

Ilovecats: I have herd about the dog man or also call the beast of bray road for a long time, i do believe that it does resemble a werewolf head with long fangs and claws. and the other part of it the body of a man.so, there fore yes it is real to people that have seen it . i my self have not seen one of them but I believe that they are real. 


Arminda: I think it is a demon spirit, being....all demons have the same description, part human, part demonic....usually their feet are cloven or demonic, but rest is human.....the one I saw, I couldn't see his feet, me and my husband both feel it is demonic being

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Wisconsin Dogman

We recently did a podcast with Linda Godfrey and talked quite extensively on her forte, the Dogman. Being that I am very familiar with southern Wisconsin I found it interesting that so many Dogman reports occur there. Unlike northern Wisconsin, which has extensive thick forests, the southern part of the state is filled with farms, prairies, cities, and smaller tracts of forest and woods. This area is not that far from Milwaukee or Chicago so I wouldn't think it to be the ideal place for an undiscovered Cryptid to inhabit.

Some people will say that the Dogman sightings must be wolves or bears, while others say they are Bigfoots being misidentified. So I decided to put some maps together to show the wolf and bear populations in this state compared to the Dogman sightings.

    Dogman Sightings Map by Linda Godfrey             Bigfoot Sightings BFRO
    Anna Larsson Sighting Map 

Bigfoot Sightings Wisconsin
Dogman Sightings Wisconsin


 As you can see the majority of the Dogman sightings lie outside of primary bear and wolf territory. So what could these people really be seeing? A different type of Bigfoot maybe? Perhaps a new type of canine that can stand and walk on it's hind legs?

I guess alls we can really do is speculate, but hopefully some day we will get to the bottom of this mystery, known in Wisconsin as, The Beast of Bray Road.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Watch Paranormal Witness: The Wolf Pack Tonight at 9EST

Paranormal Witness The Wolf Pack Sneak Peak

A pack of werewolves hold a family hostage in their homes for an entire night!

Airs Wednesdays at 9 PM / 8 PM Central on Syfy
or you can watch reruns here:http://www.syfy.com/paranormalwitness

Saturday, July 20, 2013

MonsterQuest - America's Wolfman

MonsterQuest - America's Wolfman

Investigators head into the isolated wilderness of the Midwest United States in search of a legendary creature described as half-man/half-wolf; guiding them are various eye-witness testimonies and a recently surfaced, but suspicious video of the purported beast.


Beast Bray Road Linda Godfrey
     Drawing by Linda Godfrey

Monster  Radio: Special Guest - Linda Godfrey

An award-winning  newspaper reporter, she has appeared on many TV and radio shows. As a journalist, she was the first to break the chilling story of the werewolf-like creature said to lurk in farms and forests of southern Wisconsin, thus coining the term “The Beast of Bray Road." She has been investigating and interviewing Dogman and Bigfoot witnesses for the last 20 years and is truly a pillar of the industry. She is also an artist, who has done illustrations for her books.

Listen here:

Show airs at 7PM EST 6C 5M 4P
You can check out her blog here: http://lindagodfrey.com/ or purchase her books below.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ohio Sightings

Ohio #1
Year: July-October, 1972
Location: Ohio

July-October 1972 residents of Ohio (no city named) spotted 6-8 ft tall werewolf creature with human body and oversize wolf like head with elongated snout, huge hairy feet, fangs and ran side to side like a caveman in the movies. SOURCE: www,hellhorror.com

DEFIANCE, OH 1972: police looking for werewolf man spotted near railroad tracks that allegedly attacked 3 people. 2 N&W railroad brakemen have spotted the creature lurking around the railroad tracks several times. SOURCE: Ohio Crescent News

Ohio #2
Year: August 27, 2005

The Ohio Man Dog
On August 27, 2005, a truck driver named Scott called into the Coast to Coast radio show and told host Ian Punnett of his strange sighting. While driving, his truck's headlights illuminated a strange scene: some kind of beast was crouched on the side of the road eating a deer. He described it as looking like a cross between "an ape with a dog's head" and the werewolf from the horror film Van Helsing.

Ohio #3
Year: March, 2010
Location: Norton, Ohio (near Akron)

Norton, OHIO (near Akron) MARCH 2010 ongoing activity with dogman/werewolf approx. 6 ft 2 inches bipedal heard and seen by young man in college living at home with parents studying late at night. Walking on gravel driveway, knocking on doors and windows, disturbing the hens in the chicken coop and even kidnapping free range ROOSTER to possibly lure young man outside? He grabbed gun when outside to get Rooster after he heard commotion with Rooster squawking he saw the dogman and went to get mother with her gun for back-up. Appeared intelligent and "peered right thru him" reading thoughts psychic? Other incidents with Rooster and even pulled out all the tail feathers but didnt harm him. Young man thinks its stalking him? Territorial dispute with another male? Or something more sinister? Heard growling and howling. VIA BOOK BY LINDA S GODFREY : REAL WOLFMAN true encounter in modern america

California Sightings

California Dogman Sightings
By Stephen Wagner, About.com Guide
My sighting took place around 11:30 p.m. on November 4, 2009. I work for the local 73 toll road in Newport Beach, California, and lately we’ve had some construction on the surrounding roads for the past few months. I am a third-shift manager (2 p.m.-11 p.m.), and every night driving home I take the exact same route at pretty much the same time every night.
On this night, I was coming off the exit for the 133 road connector, and I’ll never forget what I saw. While stopped at the stop light, I saw a group of three large, four-legged creatures dash out from the trees along the road. I started second guessing myself and tried to convince myself I was seeing things. I made the left turn at the light, and while the speed limit was still 40 mph at this part, I looked up and almost peed my pants. Those three beasts were running upright! The wolves, which seems to be the most logical guess, were about 6.5 feet tall and looked like they easily weighed 250-275 pounds each. They had snouts and mouths that almost could be expressive (being able to smile/frown) and the fur was dark, although there wasn’t enough light to tell if it was dark brown or black.
My car being a 6-cylinder, it could get going if need be. I was going 45 mph and the giant wolves were keeping up with ease. I then literally put the pedal to the metal and sped up to 70. I was sweating profusely and having a panic attack. As I sped up to 70, the wolves stopped following me, considering I was about to enter a high-traffic part of the road. The wolf in front seemed to stop on a dime and watch me drive off.
I did not hear any howls before or after the sighting. I proceeded to head home ASAP. I told my girlfriend what I saw and she deemed my “imagination was running wild.” I also told my coworkers the next day following the sighting, but nobody believes me to this day. I know I’m not crazy and I know what I saw. I still have been taking the same route home every night and have not run into anything since that night of the sighting. Who knows what they actually were, but all I know is I do not want to run into them again.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Poll: What Is The Dogman?

There are many theories as to what the Dogman might actually be. Some think they are America's version of the werewolf, while others think that they are just a wolf. What do you think they are?
Take the poll on the right and let us know.

We plan on doing another Monster X podcast on the topic in the future.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Missouri Sightings

Missouri #1
Year: 2003
Location: NearSpringfield

Late  in  2003,  a  savage “hyena-like animal” treed  a  hunter  from  Springfield. Other local residents described “wolf-like creatures, muddy brown and black, with weird heads, and stove-pipe long necks.

Monday, April 15, 2013

What Does The DFRO Think Dogman Is?

What is the Dogman?

Eyewitness descriptions of the Dogman slightly vary on occasion but the general consensus is the same. The Dogman is said to resemble a large bi-pedal wolf or dog like creature. Dogmen are reported as being much longer and larger than wolves and are known to walk on 2 legs. Since regular gray wolves aren't noted for being in places like southern Wisconsin where there are a lot of Dogman sightings, we don't believe them to be gray wolves. The Canadian wolf on the other hand is a much larger canine than the gray but is not found in Wisconsin.

We at the DFRO subscribe to the thought that these could possibly be flesh and blood creatures. We think dogman could either be a wolf/dog hybrid that stands on 2 legs at times or perhaps an ancient species thought to be extinct or that is yet to be discovered.

Due to the fact that the creature has not yet been proven by science to exist, we really can't rule anything out on what they might actually be. And that brings us to the purpose of this Organization, to find out what they really are...

A good write-up by Sharon Day What is the Dogman?

An Introduction To The DFRO

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America

The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)

New York Sightings

New York #1
Year: June 2004
Location: Near lake Champlain

Two men driving near Lake Champlain sighted “two huge wolves running on their back two feet” along an interstate highway. One witness claimed the creatures were “running nearly 100 miles per hour.”

sources: http://www.scribd.com/doc/124488239/93/DOGMEN

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quebec, Canada Sightings

Quebec Sighting #1
Year: 1990's
Blue Sea lake

In the early 1990's, a couple living near Blue Sea Lake, saw "an enormous wolf" walking on two legs beside a rural highway. As their car approached, the beast crouched, then leaped an estimated 30 feet before vanishing into the trees along the road.

 Quebec Sighting #2
Year: June 1,2005
Parc des 7 Chutes, or Seven Chutes Park, near Saint-Georges de Beauce, Quebec.

The Beast of 7 Chutes, a photo taken in Quebec supposedly shows a Dogman in the bottom right corner in the woods. It has gotten a lot of attention because, well, Dogman is not often filmed. It is reported that the beast appears to be holding something and looking up at the photographer who had no idea he was there.

pictures of the beast can be found here: http://dogmanresearch.blogspot.com/2013/04/what-is-dogman.html


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tennessee Sightings

Tennessee Sighting #1
Year: 2003-04

Patricia Law, of Pikesville, reported a dogman sighting during the winter of 2003–04. The man-sized beast had “a long snout and large teeth . . . and it was sort  of grinning at me.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Illinois Sightings

Illinois Sighting #1
Year: 1962
Harvard, Illinois

*1962- Harvard, Illinois...........a large creature, resembling a Werewolf, leaped directly out in front of a car, then bounded off into the nearby cornfield. 

Illinois Sighting #2
Year: July 1989
Location: Des Plaines

In July of 1989, a couple driving near Des Plaines saw a 6 foot tall, shaggy biped running along highway 12.

Illinois Sighting #3
Year: September 1994
Location: North Chicago

In September 1994, two officers assigned to patrol the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago met a creature with a dog-like head standing more than 6 ft. tall on its hind legs. 

Illinois Sighting #4
Year: 2004

Location: Decatur

Residents of Decatur saw “four dog-like creatures walking on their hind legs” around a suburban home.